Concrete commitments

Sylvain Dodier, your Green candidate in Compton-Stanstead, presents the six main principles that guide his reflection and his political actions, namely: ecological wisdom, social justice, participatory democracy, sustainability, non-violence and respect for diversities.

Mutual aid and solidarity constitute the foundations of its involvement in active politics. The health crisis and the climate crisis both require bold, concrete and innovative responses to promote the real “Caring” of the population.

As the Member of Parliament for Compton-Stanstead, Sylvain Dodier is committed to:

. represent with loyalty and availability the citizens of their county;

. to defend with vigor and tenacity the files of his constituency;

. create an MP’s website promoting transparency of action: public agenda, positions and expense accounts;

. organize a monthly public assembly with the population;

. put in place tools for direct consultation with citizens and local authorities;

. create an intergenerational committee representative of the diversity of the territory to advise the deputy;

. create, in partnership with the community, scholarships awarded to people aged 16 and over who dare to overcome the barriers of roles, backgrounds, genders or generations to embark on a daring challenge;

. actively support the structuring of the green and local economy in the territory: local and quality services and shops, community gardens, public markets, etc;

. transform the deputy’s office into a single point of Reception and Services implementing, in collaboration with the organizations and institutions of the territory, the necessary networking to « Take Care » of the population of Compton-Stanstead: available services, proposals for volunteering, bartering services, etc.